Budapest Transzfer IX. /// Thursday 28 SEPTEMBER /// detailed program

17.00 Time jump – Opening

with Zoltán GALÁNTAI, historian of science

Is it possible to forecast if literary works born in our time will be read for years, decades or centuries? Which authors are becoming immortal and who will be forgotten? Where is the literary canon heading, and what will be in the focus of literary history? We are launching the festival with a discussion of such exciting questions. Cheers to the future!
Venue: PIM


17.30 Future vision Visegrád ’89 / roundtable discussion
What was the future vision connecting the intelligentsia of Central Europe before the regime change, and what was the significance of their shared ideas from the perspective of our countries’ forthcoming fate? Four influential Central European intellectuals are discussing how their vision of the future changed in the past decades. What can the region, its culture and literature expect in the upcoming years, and what role can the intelligentsia play in the future and the formation thereof?

Participants: Péter Hunčik (SK); Kemény István; Rafał Wiśniewski (PL); Michael Žantovský (CZ)
Moderator: Prőhle Gergely 
Venue: PIM


19.00 UTOPIA 501 / reading

Utopia by Thomas MORE was published 500 years ago. Half a millennium has passed since then, throughout which, from HUXLEY to JÓKAI, countless authors have imagined and written the future of nations, countries, continents, humankind and the universe. Utopia 501 is sort of a status report from Central Europe. We asked established and young writers from Hungary and the Visegrad Group to let their imagination run wild and write down how they see the future.

Participants: Bartók Imre, Berta Ádám, Dragomán György, Pavla Horakova (CZ), Silvester Lavrík (SK), Nemes Z. Márió, Potozky László, Térey János, Marianna Serocka (PL), Spiró György, Ondřej Štindl (CZ), Ziemowit Szczerek (PL)
Moderator: Szegő János
Venue: PIM


21.00 Meteo (1989, d. András Monory -Mész) / movie screening and discussion

Vero, Berlioz and Cloud live in an abandoned factory district in the outskirts of an unnamed town, but now they must flee. This peculiar Central European sci-fi is “the outstanding work of Monory-Mész… has become a point of reference in cultural history, as it is built on the elements of the era, but still creates a sort of postmodern, apocalyptic vision. It is a peculiar urban movie, whose scenes are arranged in a symbolic triangle, embracing the sentimental potentials of the period.” (Mirella Keller,

Participants: Monory-Mész András, Kárpáti György
Venue: PIM


21.00 Lucha Libro / freestyle literary “wrestling”

Lucha libre is the Mexican version of theatrical wrestling, the highly stylized fight of professional, masked wrestlers. It is sport, entertainment, and last but not least, theatre. Change one letter and some elements of the fight, and you get Lucha libro, where writers “wrestle” on stage, in flagrante delicto: given exercises, they are writing on spot with their texts projected on a screen for the audience to follow. No violence, plenty of thrill, show, party, literature, and authors hidden behind masks.

Participants: writers behind masks
Host: Bezsenyi Tamás
Jury: Artner Szilvia Sisso, Prőhle Gergely, Valuska László
Venue: Katona / K:antin