Budapest Transzfer IX. /// Friday 29 SEPTEMBER /// detailed program

17.00 The future of literature, reading and the book / discussion and world café

The present-day cultural turn (whose most important driving force is cultural digitalization) bears a dichotomy difficult to process not only for those working in the institutional framework of literature, but is also raises fundamental questions about the future of education and culture in general. Where are we heading and how are these changes influencing the reader’s life and the course of literary life?

Participants: dr Csík Tibor, Fenyő D. GyörgyAleksandra Malecka (PL); Nagy Attila, Olga Pek (CZ)
Moderator: Molnár Gábor Tamás
Venue: PIM


19.00 Glukhovsky: / discussion and reading

Dmitry GLUKHOVSKY, author of the Metro 2033 series, is not a dryasdust type of person. He is fluent in six languages, and as a journalist, he travelled the world from the North Pole to The Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl. His first novel was awarded the Encouragement Award of the European Science Fiction Society, its rights have been sold to more than 20 countries and there is a video game based on it. Joint event with Európa Publishing.

Participants: Dmitry Glukhovsky (RU), M. Nagy Miklós
Venue: PIM


20.00 Is it a man’s world? — Female authors in the world of sci-fi / discussion

Gone are the times when science fiction was exclusively a male playground. There are ever
more women both among readers and authors, while several of the most significant prizes
of the genre were awarded to female authors in the past decades. Many see a connection
between this phenomenon and the renewal and flourishing of sci-fi, while others perceive it as an attenuation of the traditional themes of the genre. But what have women given to the genre and why is their presence important?

Participants: Antuza Genescu (RO), Takács Gábor, Varga Beáta (On Sai)
Moderator: Kleinheincz Csilla
Venue: PIM


21.00 LEM-slam / slam poetry

We are suggesting Cyberiada, the 1967 book of Stanislaw LEM to be the starting point for
artists of the Hungarian slam scene, who are asked to write what kind of future they imagine in their optimistic and pessimistic moments, what their expectations are, and what they are afraid of or hoping for. Joint event with Slam Poetry Hungary.

Participants: Bánóczi Beáta, Csider István Zoltán, Gábor Tamás Indiana, Kemény Zsófi, Maier Péter and other slammers
Master of Ceremony: Mavrák Kata Hugee
Music: Gourmand Light
Venue: PIM