Budapest Transzfer IX. /// Saturday 30 SEPTEMBER /// detailed program

11.00 Wise Pebble Video game workshop / for kids

Who will save us in the distant future? Would Little Red Riding Hood suffice or do we need a space wolf? And what is this future like? School buses flying over vertical gardens, or an immobile world with all living creatures gone? Wise Pebble is a creative workshop where participants play a game, draw its characters, design its scene, and try their hand at programming. Recommended for children between 8-12. Participants need to bring their own laptops (Windows / OSX). Experience in coding is not required.

Venue: PIM
Ticket price: 400 Ft
Workshop leaders: Fatér Anna, Kádár Anna, Koronczay DávidTillmann Hanna


15.00 Dreamed spaces OF PEST / city walk with Hosszúlépés

What were the futuristic dreams about the future of Budapest and its built environment in
the past centuries? What were the plans about the directions of urban development and
the life of inhabitants? Some plans remained on the drafting table, others constitute a
part of the capital today. Our walking tour tells about the ideas meant to shape the future
of Budapest.

Venue: inner city
Walk with Szilágyi Adrienn
Meeting point/time: in front of PIM at 14:50
Ticket price: 1.800 Ft


16.00 Pop culture, high culture — is the sci-fi ghetto still present? / discussion

Is it possible to catch poetic particularities in Central European popular culture, and if yes,
would these distinguish the local texts from the global traditions of the genre? Can the genre culture reshape local canons and institutions, or are the boundaries and hierarchies so often questioned by the postmodern discourse still present?

Participants: Bárány Tibor, Ondrej Herec (SK), Pintér Bence
Moderator: Sepsi László
Venue: PIM


18.00 Ondřej ŠTINDL: MONDSCHEIN / book launch

Mondschein tells about a world that has lost all its human qualities. A few cataclysms after our own, when the questions of geography with global relevance are not important anymore and noone knows that a story can have any other ending than suicide. In his dystopia, Ondřej Štindl raises questions about finding the self and the meaning of art.
Joint event with the Czech Centre and Metropolis Media.

Participants: Ondřej Štindl (CZ); Hanzelik Gábor
Venue: PIM


19.00 Visegrad and Central Eastern Europe — trends, network, identity / discussion

Discussing the experience and future vision of generations Y and Z, the newest literary trends, the reception of literature, and socio-cultural identities. Raising questions about coherence and shared identities in the region, whether there is a strong connection between the artists and culture professionals of the four countries, and how they see regional trends and interest towards “each other”.

Participants: Peter Michalik (SK), Nagy KataZiemowit Szczerek (PL), Pavel Zajíc (CZ)
Moderator: Fehér Renátó
Venue: PIM