Sunday 01/10

10.00-16.00 Following the Time Courier — urban game for time travellers with Hosszúlépés

Call for adventure! The map and the enigma are new, the city is the same. Or not?
I am standing in the inner districts, with a map in my hand and decide to set forth. Have I seen this building? Have I read all the signs? Or peeked into this hole? Travelled on this tram before? Is anyone watching me? Budapest becomes the setting for a game based on the most popular young adult novel of the past few years. The event is as enjoyable for adults as it is for children.

The inventor of the game: Salgó Viktória
The game begins at PIM
Venue: inner city



Tales are able to enchant anyone with their rich visuality and compelling storylines. Following this charm, we are building spaceships and robots. We are joining popular Hungarian cartoon characters, Aladár and his loyal friend Blöki on their intergalactic journeys from Musicanta to Luxuria on the board of Gulliverkli 5. We can travel with Mikrobi, the amazing household robot (and spectacular baby-sitter!), who is actually a highly appreciated family member, who always helps the kids in trouble no matter where in space. Recommended for children between the age of 5-12, but adults will not be bored either.

Facilitator: Lőrincz Réka, Vörös Jutka
Venue: Fairy Tale Museum


12.00-22.00 SCI-FI MARATHON WITH FILMVILÁG / film screening

For the wider audience, the genre of science fiction has become equivalent with CGI effects
and an extremely expensive spectacle with a bunch of superheroes. Luckily, however, there
are movies full of thought, discussing provocative societal issues. Science fiction has always displayed the theoretical richness and intellectual surplus of scientific thinking, and the amazing imagery and innovate, poetic expression of fantastic fiction. Selected by the movie journal Filmvilág, we are screening five movies that prove the unceasing viability of the genre’s traditional merits.

Venue: PIM


15.00 Dreamed spaces OF PEST / city walk with Hosszúlépés

What were the futuristic dreams about the future of Budapest and its built environment in
the past centuries? What were the plans about the directions of urban development and
the life of inhabitants? Some plans remained on the drafting table, others constitute a
part of the capital today. Our walking tour tells about the ideas meant to shape the future
of Budapest.

Venue: inner city
Walk with Szilágyi Adrienn
Meeting point/time: in front of PIM at 14:50
Ticket price: 1.800 Ft


15.00 DECODE — literature and technology / installations, discussion, performance

Letters. Fragmented words. Broken lines. Free association. Thought statues. Expanded dimensions. Image universes and textual compositions. Multiplied senses and book vinyl. DECODE explores the creative points of connection between literature and technology, illustrated with works of local artists who explore new methods of text interpretation mixing different art forms and media.

Participants: AR POEM – Szekeres Ágnes, Szécsényi-Nagy Loránd; ECHOLÁLIA
Kele Fodor Ákos, Sándor Máté; Techno Poetry – Molnár János, Csepregi János, Csillik
Kristóf, Décsy Eszter, Horváth Veronika, Hyross Ferenc, Kulcsár Árpád, Purosz Leonidasz,
Sipos Máté, Szerényi Szabolcs, Tinkó Máté; Kiterjesztés – Heim Roland, Nagy András, Adrian Newgent.

Curator: Kovács Andrea
Creative conception: Let it Be! art agency.
Venue: PIM


17:00 Political science of imagined worlds / discussion

We can be sure of very few things regarding the future of humankind – but certainly, politics remain as long as there are people. But what can we learn about future political systems and how? One possible solution is to reach out for sci-fi literature and analyse the political systems imagined by those who contemplate alternative universes by profession. Will the future bring democracies – or should we expect utopias or dystopias instead? Where are robot rights heading – will they have parties and run for election? If we met aliens, would that affect our political systems?

Participants: Michal Hvorecky (SK), Molnár B. Gábor, Filippov Gábor
Moderator: Tóth Csaba
Venue: PIM


19:00 Artificial intelligence and human society 2031 / discussion

Researchers of the future and IT professionals argue that as part of the fourth industrial revolution (industry 4.0) artificial intelligence apps and robots will radically transform the world in the upcoming 10-15 years. Some see major potentiality and the fullfilment of our transhuman future, while others think the AI revolution would bring the fall of humankind. How intelligent will artificial intelligence become, can it surpass professional boundaries? Is Singularity coming?

Participants: Gulyás László, Mérő László, Pintér Róbert
Moderator: Kömlődi Ferenc
Venue: PIM


21:00 SILENT-FILM-MUSIC / pub concert with movie screening

Silent or muted movies accompanied by live music. The image is given, sound is born on spot. The series which started 4 years ago is a real delicacy for fans of movies and music.

Music: Bolcsó Bálint, Kristóf Márton
Host and organiser: Pap Dávid Tamás
Venue: Kisüzem